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Our Classic Line offers a packaging for twelve eggs that can be
snapped apart, thus obtaining two six-packs, both in crystal and in
translucent material.

The excellent design of its cup makes this packaging a safe one for
eggs under 69g.

Its promotional options are varied.
It can be printed on the surface of the carton, self-adhesive labels can
be stuck on the outside, paper labels can be stuck on the inside, or
two sleeves can be placed on the packaging, thus making it stand out
at the point of sale.
Shiny paper label glued inside of the carton lid. Printed
front and back with 4 inks.

Auto-adhesive label with ultraviolet shiny coat glued on
the outside of the carton lid. Printed on the front with 4
colors and 1 color on the back.

Polystyrene high impact (translucent)
Polystyrene Crystal (transparent)
PET (transparent and green)

Package details:
Egg type:
Close package dimensions:
Package weight:

Number of egg cartons per box:
340 units

Size of the box in cm:
45,5 x 89 x 31,5

Number of egg cartons per container:
20 ft – 71,400 units
40 ft – 157,080 units
40 HC – 180,200 units
Classic Line
2 x 6
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