¿Why do our customers prefer our

MEPA Plastic is a company that has specialized in the egg
marketing industry over the last 35 years.

Investigation and Development:
Our egg cartons have been developed according to the
requirements of the more recognized packers in the market.
MEPA Plastic we carry out the development, manufacture and
sales of our transparent egg cartons, according to a comprehensive
monitoring of the needs and wishes of our clients.

Quality control
We control all the production process from its inception to the
finished product, since we know this is the only way to ensure a
quality product and provide solid support.

We are aware of the different markets and their changing realities,
thus we help you to optimize your purchase management. We offer
you the best quality/price ratio and an efficient delivery, and give you
the possibility to combine the variety of cartons you need in the
same container, optimizing the costs and reducing the inventory.
MEPA Plastic is currently working with the markets of Central
America, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.  
Three reasons to choose
our Egg Cartons

Trust and transparency
Our transparent cartons allow the consumer to see the
egg at the POS, creating the perfect bond of trust
between you and the consumer.

Uncracked Eggs
The design of the cavities of our cartons cushions the
blows caused during packing and transportation,
minimizing breakage between the packaging room and
the consumer’s kitchen.

The transparent packaging offers the desired hygiene
image that consumers need to make up their mind at
the moment of buying eggs.
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100% Post-consumer recycled PET
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