Egg Printers
HIGH RESOLUTION Egg inkjet printers and

We offer a complete line of High Resolution Egg Printers.
Depend on your need we can supply an specific one that help
your bussiness grow. Perfect print quality on both graded and
un-graded eggs, thanks to movable print heads which adapt
themselves to each individual egg size. The food grade ink only
contains coloring material, which is specified by the USDA and
Europe guidelines to print eggs.

We have two diferent way to print on the egg:

- Stampers
Screen type stamper to give a large and clear print on
your egg. Using a last long membrane and a reservoir
holder give you the advantage of having a good quality
print with low cost.

- InkJet Printers
Electronic printer that will help you to print logos, text
and dates (Production or expiration dates). Easy to
program and low mantenance. Every time you change
the cartridge is like having a new printer.
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