Carton Labelling
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With over 6,000 units installed the Olympus OP60 is number one
in its field when it comes to printing and applying labels on to the
top, front, or side of an egg pack. Various models available to
suit all labelling needs.

Olympus OP60 is designed to fit on all MOBA, Diamond, and
Staalkat egg graders.  With quick release mounting, machines
can be easily exchanged from lane to lane.  Proprietary software
allows for multiple images to be loaded and printed
simultaneously across the entire system.

Some of its features:
      Rapid change between labels
      Stainless steel construction
      Hinged print head for easy label change
      Virtually maintenance free
      Compatible with all Rational Labelling software
      Left or Right handed machines available
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Olympus OP60