Shell and packaging strength analyser
Shell strength and
packaging analyser

The QC-SPA provides four preprogrammed test functions so
that at the touch the membrane keypad one of the four
following tests can be selected:

Shell, breaking strength in grams or Newtons.

Shell, deformation in mm.

Shell, breaking strength and deformation

Packaging , strength and deformation
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Additionally the speed at which the QC-SPA probe or platter
moves to and from the product under test can be regulated to
provide optimum test speeds and performance relating to the
test can be set up by adjustments being made to the trigger
force so that precise measurements are possible.

All test parameters can be protected once selected, such that
they cannot be changed in error.

In order to meet a range of test applications easily, various
probes and different size platters can be easily fitted to meet
individual customer requirements.

The QC-SPA comes equipped with its own safety stop control,
wipe clean test bed and keyboard console. This console
displays large easy to read red LED displays all the results
and set up parameters as appropriate.

Output for the QC-SPA is either incorporated into the Eggware
software with the rest of the QCM+ quality traits or can be
printed out independently on its own through serial interface
printer or alternatively, being linked as a stand alone device
direct to a personal computer connected to the keyboard
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